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Why Mennan Makina

Why Mennan Makina

The existence of textile is as old as the history of mankind. Natural fibers were able to meet peoples needs for a long time. With the increase of the world population, natural fibers cannot meet the needs of the textile industry. The expansion of the textile industry from clothing into sectors such as carpet, curtain, car seat has caused the birth of synthetic fibers. Synthetic spinning machines are produced by Germany, France, England, Italy, and only by Mennan Makina in Turkey. The machines we produce are both for the domestic and international markets. Our company provides the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting the customer needs in the shortest time possible in the best way in line with the demands. Our company has CF, BCF, STAPLE FIBER type spinning machines in our product portfolio.

Our quality policy

Our company always pushes forward and we accept as a basic principle, we want to talk about Quality Policy.

ISO 9001 rules, every product we produce is manufactured in the frame.

Total Quality philosophy based on the achievement of the objectives of the unit within the company and team spirit.

revised business processes with the process of self-assessment, determination of preventive approaches to improve the performance

Raising the level to compete at the international level of efficiency in all our processes in line with the continuous improvement approach

Encouraging innovative and creative approach to the realization of technical and behavioral competencies that will improve education