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Our Founder

Mennan Aksoy was born in 1952 in Gaziantep. Mennan Usta, married with three children, started his business life after primary school. Mennan Aksoy, who founded his own company in 1973, manufactured parts for safes, and then produced spare parts in automotive industry. Later Mennan started to manufacture injection molds. In 1996 together with Gaziantep University as the first TÜBİTAK project in Gaziantep he started producing carpet yarn machines which are only manufactured in a few countries such as Germany, Italy and France. In 1998 he was awarded the Technology Achievement Award. After the completion of the first project he focused on R & D work in the following years. With the successful conclusion of eight TUBITAK funded projects he became the leader in the synthetic fiber and yarn production in Turkey. Machinery manufactured by his company were not only sold within Turkey but also exported to Brazil, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Uzbekistan and others with significant foreign exchange contribution to Turkey. As of 2013, the design studies of more advanced systems than its European counterparts are continuing with the support of the University in the synthetic yarn machines it manufactures.

Our quality policy

Our company always pushes forward and we accept as a basic principle, we want to talk about Quality Policy.

ISO 9001 rules, every product we produce is manufactured in the frame.

Total Quality philosophy based on the achievement of the objectives of the unit within the company and team spirit.

revised business processes with the process of self-assessment, determination of preventive approaches to improve the performance

Raising the level to compete at the international level of efficiency in all our processes in line with the continuous improvement approach

Encouraging innovative and creative approach to the realization of technical and behavioral competencies that will improve education